HI Im Carmel

 I have 30yrs experience in Health & Wellness. I am passionate about making a difference in people's lives.

I have trained in Integrated Body-Mind Therapy's practical functions of the neuroscience of the brain and body.

1.5hr Nature Element Massage for women only tailored to your needs; we enhance your well-being by incorporating meditation, relaxation essence, wildflower oils, and ancient fire stones to warm and relax the body, melting away tension and stress.

Upon completing your treatment, you are offered herbal Tea and a small complimentary bottle of our flower essences to enjoy.

Somersby NSW

NSW Red Tent State Manager & Trainer. RTA is a non-profit organisation connecting and creating a community of strong women at a time to nourish ourselves in a supportive and caring way.

B.A. Metaphysical Science is the fundamentals of the natural reality of being to identify change & nourish ourselves.

M.A. Mindfulness Body-mind stress and communication.

Forest Bathing

Environmental art therapy

Life directional counseling 

I have been initiated into indigenous healing cultures & women's ceremonial leadership and travelled throughout Fiji, Central Australia, Nepal, Asia, Indonesia, and America.

I remembered the untamed places in nature, the songlines that spoke of ancient stories and the shaman's healings I received.

I am willing to live on the edge and push my limits; I have reclaimed my inherent birthright as a Ceremonial Leader, Teacher, Healer, Indigenous Nature Drum-maker Storyteller.

My Journey is a lifetime commitment directing me to strengthen the true path of my heart further to be of service to others.

Ancestral Women Speak

Grandmother moon her face seen. The sky is dark toward her Sun, waiting wisdom weaves the web of life I am woven. The bringer of life, the Sun's blood, and the moon's water seeds form together the earth's womb nourished. Winter rests spring flowers, autumn summers we are born.